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Omg!!! Trouble in Paradise? Travis Kelce reportedly unhappy with Taylor Swift over alleged ‘strict rules (Video)




Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been at the forefront of media coverage for the past six months. Their relationship has been subject to constant public scrutiny. The couple’s happy moments together keep making news as fans of the pop star love to be a part of this special moment in her life.



While there has not been a single moment where Kelce and Swift have been spotted being unhappy or frustrated with one another in public so far, the ‘honeymoon phase’ of their relationship may have come to an end as there are reports of dissatisfaction between the two.

Recent reports as cited via Marca have indicated that Taylor Swift has come up with a set of rules for Travis Kelce. Rules which practically influence his behavior in social settings. The tight end has to maintain his image in public and proceed with a clean sheet because the smallest of slip-ups on his part could have catastrophic impacts on the iconic pop star’s goodwill and public perception.

So what are these rules? For starters, Travis Kelce cannot go to strip clubs. That may seem to be a justified ask, considering most women would prefer if their significant others refrained from visiting clubs filled with women in skimpy clothing. In addition to this, Kelce cannot take images with female fans, for his own good.

That might be going a bit too far given that he is a football player who goes to a lot of public events and to deny his fans an opportunity to take pictures with him seems rude.

In addition to this, another reason could be that if at any point, their text messages do happen to leak in the public domain, there would be no resultant impact on either of their images in the public. There are two sides to this, on one hand, it shows that Swift views Kelce as her long-term partner, an individual she fully intends to settle down with and have a family with. On the other hand, it will not be easy and will require a lot of adjusting on Kelce’s part.

The bigger question is if Travis Kelce would be able to adjust to these inevitable restrictions for the rest of his life. He is in love with Taylor Swift and he’s been pretty understanding about the situation so far.

While these restrictions may pose minor inconveniences, in the bigger picture, he is doing all of this for the woman he intends to settle down with and for their collective happiness. This just goes to show that while fans glorify and idolize the lives of celebrity couples from the outside, it has it’s own set of shortcomings that only the people involved know.

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