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Patrick Mahomes’ secret weapon: The insane trick play he’s dying to unleash with Travis Kelce



Patrick Mahomes' secret weapon: The insane trick play he's dying to unleash with Travis Kelce


From the creator of the no-look pass, expect the behind-the-back pass soon. Patrick Mahomes’ ability to connect with his receivers is almost otherworldly. Even so, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback still has an ace up his sleeve that he hopes to show soon with his partner in crime, tight end Travis Kelce.



Six years ago, Mahomes left everyone speechless by throwing one of the most reckless and spectacular passes of his career for the first time. With 1:21 left in the first half of a game against the Baltimore Ravens, Mahomes fooled the opposing defense by connecting with Demarcus Robinson without even turning to look at him.

It is common for quarterbacks to look in another direction to fool defenses and turn to look at their target at the last second. However, Mahomes took things to a whole new level by throwing the pass while he was still facing the opposite direction.

Despite the extraordinary level of skill it takes to do something like that, the Texas Tech graduate says he has yet another trick pass to show the world. The problem: It is so risky that he hasn’t dared to do it, despite head coach Andy Reid’s insistence.

The behind-the-back pass

One of Mahomes’ great virtues is that he knows when it is time to take risks. In this case, he admitted that throwing a behind-the-back pass requires certain conditions that have not been met, and he admits that it is partly his fault.

“We didn’t play as well offensively enough for me to pull the behind-the-back pass off last year, but it’s no one else’s fault but myself, because coach Reid wants me to throw it behind the back more than anyone in the world,” he said.

He explained that Reid”deliberately puts in plays that I have the opportunity to throw the ball behind the back. It’s not a coaching thing, it’s me not having that confidence to do it in the game.”

Can he run it with Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes form one of the most productive tight end-quarterback duos in NFL history. Despite this, they have never been able to execute a behind-the-back pass, due to the circumstances that Mahomes already explained.

In this regard, the Chiefs’ signal-caller warned, “One of these games, man, we got to do it, and hopefully it’s to Travis, because I feel like he’s the best at judging that behind-the-back pass.”

His adversaries are warned. At the least expected moment, the three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback will humiliate a secondary defense by throwing a behind-the-back pass, and the world can’t wait to see it.

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