WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre open to forming a new tag team with former Royal Rumble winner


Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is open to the idea of forming a tag team partnership with Sheamus. The Scottish Warrior liked the idea of competing alongside his oldest friend in WWE and shared the details ahead of SummerSlam 2021.

McIntyre insisted that the “brothers fight,” referring to his real-life relationship with The Celtic Warrior. He talked about working with Sheamus during the ThunderDome era and hailed the former four-time World Champion as one of his most formidable competitors in WWE.


When asked about forming a potential tag team with Sheamus, McIntyre said he is open to the idea.

“Yes, absolutely. There’s always time for that. Friends fight, brothers fight and we haven’t interacted for a long time. Both of us are very proud of the sheer and utter violence we brought upon each other and happily did it with nobody in the building. We can revisit that with the fans back in the building. At the same time, they put us both together. Let’s just put it this way, the boys are going to be terrified after we beat the c*** out of them for real,” said McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre was also asked if he had the best chemistry with Sheamus in WWE, and the Scottish Warrior agreed. McIntyre believes that he and The Celtic Warrior share similar philosophies about their matches, which helps them orchestrate compelling in-ring encounters.


“Yes, 100 percent. Just because of our history, how well we know each other but also in the ring, such similar style, and philosophies. The way we look at it is, it’s live television. Two grown men, you can take a hit and people are there to see a show but there are also new fans, checking out for the first time, there are dads with their kids who have a pre-conception about wrestling. Then they see a Drew McIntyre-Sheamus match, the way we hit each other, we lay into each other, suddenly they are paying attention. Whatever they thought they knew about the product completely changed and perhaps, we made a new fan right there. That’s kind of Sheamus and my philosophy, we want to get every single person, including the ones who have these pre-conceptions coming into the shows or watching the WWE product,” concluded McIntyre.


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