Will Meghan Markle Accept Piers Morgan’s Challenge?


British TV presenter Piers Morgan does not seem to end feud with Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle as he once again took aim at her, asking the Duchess of Sussex to be his first guest on new show as the two ‘have some unfinished business’.

The outspoken host left his job by walking out of the set of Good Morning Britain after he branded Meghan an “absolute disgrace” and said he didn’t believe a word she said in her interview. Morgan’s comments on the show generated more than 40,000 complaints.

Morgan recently told Sky News Australia: “Fundamentally, what I want the show to do is be a platform for free speech and debate. And the right for people to come on and have their own opinion without being shamed and cancelled – because that’s the way back for society.”

He went on: “If Meghan Markle’s watching – I’m sure she is – if you want to be my first guest, we have a bit of unfinished business. I’m available.”

Piers called Meghan and Harry hypocrites

Now fans have begun to speculate about Morgan’s offer to Meghan as some are saying Meghan won’t respond to the TV presenter’s challenge. While, a large number of fans think it’s a good publicity strategy for his show as he knows Meghan can’t visit to the UK owning security fear and she’s keeping herself away from media attention these days.

The former ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter, who misses no opportunity to take a jibe at Prince Harry’s sweetheart, has sparked new debate on social media.


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