‘What The F*** Is So Funny?’ Piers Morgan Explodes At ‘Shameful’ Joe Biden’s Russia Speech

Does he not care?' Piers Morgan fumes as Joe Biden 'laughs' during Ukraine announcement
Does he not care?' Piers Morgan fumes as Joe Biden 'laughs' during Ukraine announcement

PIERS MORGAN has furiously reacted to Joe Biden’s Ukraine announcement after the US President was seen “laughing”.

Piers Morgan, 56, lashed out at Joe Biden as he made his announcement about the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. The former Good Morning Britain star took to his Twitter account, where he boasts 7.9 million followers, to weigh in on the televised White House address.

In a scathing tweet sent earlier today, Piers claimed to have seen Biden laugh “several times” during the press conference.

He wrote: “Biden just laughed several times during his Ukraine press conference.

“What the f**k is he finding so funny?

“Does he not realise the gravity of this situation?


“Does he not care that so many innocent people are being murdered?

“What a horribly inappropriate and shameful moment.”

In a separate post shared moments later, Piers uploaded an image showing the US President laughing while standing on a podium.

The broadcaster added: “The smirking President of the United States, hours after Russia starts war in Ukraine. Unbelievable.”


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Piers Morgan weighed in on the televised White House address

However, other Twitter users were quick to explain to Piers that Biden was laughing at the media “chaos” that had ensued in the conference room.

Responding to Piers’ second tweet, which gained more than 3,100 likes in less than half an hour, some viewers pointed out that the President had been bombarded with simultaneous questions from journalists.

Stephenreports wrote: “He’s smirking at a question from the media, not during his remarks.”

MartinPez added: “He smirked every time about 100 people all asked questions at once, nothing more to it.”

NuncTempus said: “If you watched the conference, you’ll know he was laughing at the chaos of press, asking Trump style questions.”

CraigA66 chimed in: “World crisis and you’re bothered about him smiling after being bombarded with questions.

“Listen to what he said rather than how he looked.”

During the conference, Biden was asked what might work in deterring Russian President Vladimir Putin after sanctions did not seem to stop him.

“This could take time, and we have to show resolve so he knows what’s coming, and so the people of Russia know what he’s brought on them. That’s what this is all about.”

He added: “He’s going to test the resolve of the West to see if we stay together, and we will.

“We will, and it will impose significant costs on him.”


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