What Mike Tyson Made Anthony Joshua Believe

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Anthony Joshua reveals Mike Tyson made him believe he could change his life and become a boxing success as he explains why he looked up to Iron Mike as an inspiration when he was a youngster.
Anthony Joshua has named Mike Tyson as his main sporting inspiration from his youth.

The former two-time unified heavyweight champion looked up to the ex-undisputed king, who remains one of the world’s most famous men to this day.

When asked to name his sporting inspiration, AJ told the Behind the BOSS podcast: “A boxing inspiration – you only have to look at them for what they do in the ring.

“We tend to look at a lot of people for what they do outside of their profession.

“I don’t support a lot of people for what they do in their private life.

“I like Mike Tyson because he embodied this discipline.
“He got in a lot of trouble growing up – poverty stricken area, mum was into all sorts.

“He raised himself to a degree, was in juvenile detention centres at the age of 13.“His criminal record was 50 pages long, so if we were looking at someone with that type of information, we’d probably say, ‘This person’s gonna fail at life, they haven’t got much going for them
But he changed that.


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