VIDEO: LeBron James And Michael Jordan Share Emotional Moment At NBA Top 75


LeBron James and Michael Jordan may have clashing legacies when it’s all said and done, but there’s the utmost respect for one another as human beings.
The Los Angeles Lakers star and Chicago Bulls icon shared a heartfelt moment during the NBA Top 75 announcement. Check out two legends of the game hug it out:

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan is seen as the biggest GOAT debate throughout NBA history. There’s never going to be a definitive answer to that question as the NBA world remains completely split.

The edge that LeBron James has is that his story is still being written. The Lakers star still has a couple more seasons left in the tank to chase for even more championships and shatter even more NBA records. Perhaps a few more rings can swing the argument in his favor?

LeBron proved not long after that he’s still at the top of his game, finishing the All-Star Game with 24 points, six rebounds, eight assists and the game-winning bucket just for good measure.

While the battle will continue to wage on among their loyal supporters in the years to come, there seems to be nothing but love between two of the greatest to ever play.


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