Top Ten Reasons Why Everyone Loves Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

1.His loving & caring heart This is the number 1 reason I love Michael. He was the sweetest and most loving person I know about (besides my parents. lol.) Michael just wanted to love everyone and heal the world. All the music,
all the dance moves, they were amazing & wonderful and breathtaking, but without that sweet and loving side I wouldn’t be such a big fan. Michael is one of a kind. No other entertainer has shown as much love as Michael
has. Michael tried help children and the media just twisted the whole beautiful thing around.
Some adults just try to find something dirty in everything. It’s just sick. I just look at those pictures of Michael holding those babies in his arms and pictures with his kids and I just smile and think to myself, “I’m so
proud to be a fan of this man.” He is the sweetest man in the world. And he was the best father in the world.

Michaël Jackson
2. His amazing voice The most beautiful voice in the world. It can make you cry, shiver, scared, laugh, smile, dance, go crazy and speechless. Michael could sing so many different styles of music and have it sound great. The thing with Michael, I can never pick a least favorite song! And I never have pushed the skip button when listening to Michael’s music, unless I’ve heard the same song 50 times in a row. Michael deserved the title King of Pop. And I just hate it when I see questions like, “do you think that JB or CB will be the next king of pop?” or other
questions like that. There will never ever be another Michael Jackson and no one will ever replace him. I mean, has anyone else made the biggest selling album of all time? No. No one can compare to Michael. He is the greatest singer of all time.
MJ Moonwalker

3. His breathtaking dance moves No ones dance moves are as exhilarating as Michael’s. His moves make you stare and want more! He perfected the moonwalk in 3 days! I’ve been trying for 9 months and I still can’t quite nail it!
And have not the slightest idea how Michael dose that looooong spin and then manages to land on his toes!! And then I think, Michael can dance like this AND sing for about 3 hours strait, and that is just amazing. No one can dance like Michael. You could just have Michael on a stage with no instruments and it would be the greatest
show in the world. That’s how good he is. He’s the best. cute!
MJ dance moves

4. His cuteness and funny side: I can never get enough stories of Michael being funny or cute. I love hearing and reading those kind of stories, that’s why I love the books, The Magic the Madness the Whole Story and My Friend Michael so much! They have soooo many stories about Michael. (if there are some other books with lots of stories of Michael please tell me!). I love it when Michael acted like a little kid, it was soooo cute! To think that that electrifying performer on stage was the same person playing water balloon fights and pulling pranks on people, just makes me laugh. So cute! Michael was so innocent and playful and ticklish! I love it when Michael gets pushed into the pool in Michael Jackson’s private home videos! Hehehe!!
cute MJ

5. His gorgeous looks: I just sit back and laugh whenever someone says that Michael is ugly. How in the world can they? He is beautiful! His smile lights up my whole day. His laugh makes me smile. His eyes are pure and honest.
His hair is so pretty and curly (or wavy). He is a model. I bet those people that say Michael is not pretty have only looked at the tabloids. And you notice that the media tries to use the most unflattering pictures that they have of Michael. I bet they photo shop the images to make his skin look whiter then it really looks in the original
picture. I have a ton of pictures of Michael, and I love to just scroll through them sometimes and it gets
me in such a good mood. I do wish that Michael didn’t wear those sunglasses and masks so much, because I want to see those pretty eyes and lips of his!
MJ undisputed

6. His flirty/sexy side: Gold pants! Ripped shirts! Crotch grab! Need I say more? YES! Michael was such a flirt. How he held the other singer is IJCSLY and chased after the girl in TWYMF. So cute. My mom doesn’t like the
crotch grab one bit (I bet she’ll get mad at me for writing this part. lol). I laughed when my mom said, “Michael stop!” when we were watching the cat dance at the end of Black or White. hehe. It’s not like it’s my favorite dance
MJ flirty face

7. He is someone you can look up to: No matter how tired or angry or sad Michael was, he’d sing and dance his heart out. Even if it was raining he would preform. I want to be like that.Michael is such a good role model. When I feel like yelling or screaming at my sister I think,”would Michael do that? Or would he want me to show love towards my sister instead?” So I just shut my mouth. Well most of time I do. I try to show love to everyone too. Because love is important. I want to be an actress when I grow up (I always have.) and one of the reasons that I
want to be famous is because I want to give the money I make to charities and orphanages. There is no other famous person that I admire or look up to as much as Michael.
Michael Jackson

8. His sense of style: Michael is the king of style! Michael could make an outfit that made no sense at all look cool. Michael looked great in Pjs! I love gold pants. But I really do like it when Michael wears just a t-shirt and pants. I know that sounds strange. I already wrote an article about my favorite MJ outfits so Idk what else to
say about this topic…..except that I really love gold pants!
MJ styles

9. His humbleness: Michael had so much power. But yet he remained as humble as a little child. He also told others to be humble. That’s another thing that made him different from any other entertainer who ever lived. He was so
sweet and humble. And that is a very good quality that everyone should have (that sounded so random!)
MJ humbleness
MJ humbled

10. His timing: I love Michael’s sizzles. I love those times in those music videos where there was only the background music and no words and Michael would dance. And that part in This is it where Kenny is all confused about the timing and Michael reassures him that it’s a sizzle. Michael was a professional. He knew what he was doing. Michael was a pure master of singing and dancing. He owned the stage.


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