The Real Reason Katheryn Winnick Keeps Her Dating Life Private


For the best part of the 2010s, fans were fixated on a love story that had Katheryn Winnick at the heart of it. The Canadian actress depicted the historical norse legend Lagertha in History channel’s epic time period, Vikings.



In the series – as in the source mythology – Lagertha was wife to Danish warrior and king Ragnar Lothbrok, who was played on the show by Australian actor Travis Fimmel. The screen couple had blazing chemistry and were one of the reasons why the show – originally intended to be a mini-series – became so popular and eventually ran for six seasons.



Ragnar and Lagertha’s marriage ended in the second season, when Winnick’s character took her son Bjorn Ironside and left the town of Kattegat, where Ragnar ruled. Despite this, the connection between the two remained critically central to the plot right until the end of the show.



While Lagertha had her love life practically on the mouths and fingertips of audiences worldwide, the actress has somehow managed to keep her real-life dating profile on the downlow.



There are many celebrities who prefer to keep their dating lives as private as possible. However, it is very difficult to find one who shares the profile of Winnick yet has very little known about who they are dating or have dated in the past. Yet this remains to be the case with the Vikings favorite, who is currently starring in ABC’s crime drama, Big Sky


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