Targeting Meghan Markle With That Sexist, Hateful and Creepy Language In The Article About Kate Middleton Is Disrespectful


Article about Kate Middleton called sexist and hateful for targeting Meghan Markle
One of Meghan Markle’s friend has condemned personal attacks on the Duchess of Sussex in a latest op-ed about Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday.
Omid scobie, who is the co-author of “Finding Freedom”, said “I don’t understand this constant need to use op-eds about the Duchess of Cambridge’s 40th to sling mud at women that have nothing to do with her or her birthday.”
Commenting on the article published in The Sun, he said “The language in this vile The Sun article is sexist, hateful and creepy.”
He said “And we all know what Petronella Wyatt is trying to say when she writes “a real British beauty”.

Taking a dig at the writer, he said “Imagine filing this and thinking it was a good article.”.


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