Smackdown – Charlotte Flair And Sasha Banks On Another Potential Feud?


The current WWE SmackDown Women’s champion Charlotte Flair who is also a record fourteen times Women’s Champion in WWE recently talked about another potential feud with the former six times Women’s champion Sasha Banks. Charlotte is currently not involved in any particular feud for the title.

Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks had a number of feuds before and in most cases, Charlotte came out victorious. They built up a rivalry at the beginning of the women’s revolution and they fought in some of the greatest women’s matches of all time.

Charlotte Flair Comments On Another Potential Feud With Sasha Banks

After the latest draft lottery, WWE teased another feud between the duo but for some reason that did not take place at that time. However the possibility of the feud was not gone. They were bound to feud with each other sooner or later since there was no other option left for Charlotte to feud for The Smackdown women’s Championship. It just had to come to themselves.
But in the meantime Sasha Banks got injured and the feud had been called off. There had been a concrete rumour of Sasha Banks winning the women’s Royal Rumble this year and challenge Charlotte for the SmackDown women’s Championship at WrestleMania 38.
It looked like that was the reason why WWE kept the feud intact when it was teased earlier. But a lot of fans was not impressed with this idea, even though it all remained speculations. The feud had nothing new to offer and that was one of the biggest reasons why most of the fans was not impressed with this idea.
But a feud between Charlotte and Sasha Banks is always exciting to watch since it offers some really cool matches as they are some of the top women not only in WWE but in the world of professional wrestling today.
Sasha Bank
After all the release is that WWE went through recently, there was not enough option either. So we had to be realistic in this case. But it looks like WWE is heading towards a different direction right now.
Maybe they are going to stop the brand split after WrestleMania 38. If this happens there will only be one chance left, Charlotte will win the Royal Rumble match and go on to challenge Becky Lynch in a title vs title match. Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns in a title vs title match is also been teased for WrestleMania 38.
So it looks like the brand split is coming to an end. And a match between Charlotte and Sasha is not happening very soon, at least at WrestleMania 38. It can definitely take place before that if Sasha gets medically cleared to work in the ring.

Charlotte Flair who is also a record fourteen times Women’s Champion in WWE recently spoke to TV Source Magazine where she talked about another potential feud with the former six times Women’s champion Sasha Banks. She said;

“Sasha and I haven’t had a program on TV in five years, but when we cross paths again on TV, I believe it will be what everyone expects and more.

“I’ve never had a full feud with Naomi. I would love to face her again. I want to do a full program with Shayna Baszler; I admire her and her background. I also think that Bianca and I will need to have a full program at some point.

“I had a taste of what we could do on Raw, and I would like to go back to that and have a full program. She’s so athletic and powerful, and I need more time with her. Rhea also definitely has unfinished business with me. I would love to share more moments with her. I really want to fight everyone. I’m a different performer now, and I guess I have unfinished business with everyone.”


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