Simone Biles Becomes The Most Followed And Talked About Athlete On Twitter

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Simone Biles Beats Out Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka as Most Popular Female Athlete on Twitter
Simone Biles session with her Therapist
With many athletes coming forward to address the mental health issues they face, people’s priority shifted towards its importance, and rightly so. After Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open, citing mental health concerns, she paved the way for many other athletes to do the same. One such athlete was Simone Biles, whose withdrawal in Tokyo made front-page headlines.

Moreover, the star gymnast has now become the most followed and talked about athlete on Twitter. In the latest rankings of most tweeted about female athletes for 2021, Biles leads the way.
Simone Biles glows
Simone Biles leads the way
While Osaka started with her famous stance, Biles’ withdrawal at the Tokyo Olympics shocked the sporting world. A cause of concern for most athletes, her courageous act brought to light an issue that was in dire need of our attention. Moreover, her recent Gold Over America Tour further encouraged younger generations, bringing them closer to the sport. Thus, this has made her the most tweeted female athlete in 2021. Tennis sensation Naomi Osaka ranks right behind Biles, following her stand on mental health as well.
Simone biles on pink bikini
Another prominent athlete on this list is Serena Williams, one of the most influential personalities in the world of sport. She has 23 grand slam titles and is regarded as the greatest tennis player the game has ever seen. However, having stayed away from the sport because of injury, she has dropped down to fourth in the latest rankings, with Sasha Banks taking the third spot.
Simone Biles and Serena Williams
Currently, Simone Biles is enjoying life away from the sport. Her incredible tour was significant in attracting younger gymnasts to take up the sport. With Paris Olympics 2024 three years away, Biles is still keeping her doors open to a return to gymnastics.


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