Serena Williams Wows Fans As She Posts An Adorable Mother-Daughter Home Gym Tour On IG

Serena Williams and daughter training session

Serena Williams, 40, posted a brand new home gym tour video on her Instagram Story.

The professional tennis player revealed that she often works out with her daughter, Olympia.

Olympia’s corner of the gym is filled with plenty of miniature toy workout equipment, so she can sweat right next to Mom
It’s no surprise that tennis pro Serena Williams has an epic home gym. (After all, hours spent on the tennis court are just one part of her training!)

But in her latest Instagram Story video, Serena revealed that she’s not the only one sweating it out at home. While walking around her gym, the 23-time Grand Slam winner mentions that she’s thinking of reorganizing to make room for some new equipment.

And, pushed up against the mirror are a few pieces of much smaller machines. Turns out, her 4-year-old daughter Olympia loves exercising, too.

“My little baby got some equipment,” Serena shares. “She has an elliptical, and then the Stairmaster or treadmill, and then she has a little bike.” The tiny toy versions might just be the cutest things I’ve seen all week, TBH:
Photo credit serenawilliams Instagram
If you’re one of Serena’s 14 million IG followers, then you know this isn’t the first time she’s been spotted twinning with Olympia. They recently rocked matching outfits, complete with adorable bow headbands:

This mother-daughter pajamas moment? Iconic.

And, can’t forget these swimsuits (at this point, I’m seeing double):

While it’s clear that Serena has her workout down to a science, she’s also all about a balanced diet. “My philosophy is eat to live. Don’t live to eat,” she shared with Women’s Health. “I want to have a healthy lifestyle and, so you know, [I’m eating] a lot of greens and mostly plant-based lately, just super healthy stuff.”

The athlete added that she’s trying to see food as just another aspect of her life. “You need it to survive. And [that’s] very hard to live by, cause I definitely love to snack, but this is what I want. These are my goals,” she said.

As for what she eats day-to-day, Serena made it clear that she’s not much of a breakfast person. “I just forget or I’m running around getting Olympia ready,” she explained. “And then I go work out . . . When I roll out of bed [in the morning], I’m just not hungry.”
For lunch, she usually has protein with a side of greens, like a gluten-free bean burrito or a bean burger. Dinner might be a recipe she dug up on social media. “I get inspired by what I see on Instagram, and I love making it,” Serena said.

The only thing she’s not big on? Pasta (I know!). “The only time I eat pasta is when I’m playing/training,” she shared. “Usually, you’ll never see me eating pasta otherwise. ‘Cause I feel like I’ve had to eat it so much in my career. It’s just like, I never want to see pasta again.”

This goes for other foods, too: “I can have a smoothie for six months,” she added. “And then I’ll be like, I never want to see a smoothie again for the next six months. And then I’ll be like, okay, I’m back on the smoothie. My eating is very moody.”

Noted. (P.S. Serena—if you’re ever looking for a second workout buddy, I’m around!)


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