Serena Williams’ Photos Resurfaced Online, See What Fans Are Saying About The Tempting Photos

One Legged suit

Serena Williams Fans Are Obsessed with Her One-Legged Catsuit from Yesterday’s Tennis Match

Serena Williams just kicked off the Australian Open in the most fashionable way possible: by wearing a one-legged catsuit.
One Legged Catfish dress
On Monday, the 39-year-old tennis champion beat Germany’s Laura Siegemund, during the first day of the Melbourne tournament. And not only did she take home the impressive win, but her asymmetrical, one-legged catsuit practically stole the show. See the colorful outfit below

Turns out, her pink and black ensemble was selected as a tribute to the late track legend, Florence Griffith Joyner. “I was inspired by Flo-Jo, who was a wonderful track athlete, amazing athlete when I was growing up,” Williams said after the match, per People. “Watching her fashion, just always changing, her outfits were always amazing. The Nike team actually thought of this design of inspiration from Flo-Jo. I was like, ‘Oh, my god, this is so brilliant.’”
SW catsuit
Griffith Joyner, who represented the U.S. in track and field during the 1984 and 1988 Olympics, became known for her one-legged looks after cutting the legs off her jumper by “accident.”
SW dress to kill
“It was a two-legger, originally,” she told NBC in 1989. “I was in the mirror, and I cut off one leg, and I liked how it looked. So I took a pair of my briefs, and I put it over the top of the one leg. And I said, ‘Well that looks good, I’ll try that.’”


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