See As Meghan Markle’s Lawyer Hits Back With Allegations Of Bullying Against A ‘Defenseless Career Woman’

Meghan Markle and her lawyer Jenny Afia
Meghan Markle and her lawyer Jenny Afia

Meghan Markle’s Lawyer Claps Back Against Bullying Allegations: ‘You’re Damaging Career Women’
Meghan Markle’s lawyer Jenny Afia called out the haters and accused them of “bullying” a career woman with allegedly fabricated claims.

She issued the statement during her interview for the BBC podcast series.

In it, Ms Afia was quoted saying, “I think the first thing is to be really clear about what bullying is because the term gets used very, very casually.”

“My daughter called me a bully last week when I asked her to brush her teeth — she’s seven years old. So the term is used very freely and it’s a very, very damaging term as we know, particularly I think for career women.”

“What bullying actually means is improperly using power repeatedly and deliberately to hurt someone, physically or emotionally.

“The Duchess of Sussex absolutely denies ever doing that. Knowing her as I do I can’t believe she would ever do that. I wasn’t there at the time but it doesn’t match my experience of her at all and I’ve seen her at very, very stressful times.”


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