See As Kaley Cuoco reveals bittersweet Christmas present with a special meaning

Kaley Cuoco has been keeping her fans up to speed on the incredible holiday season she has had this year, and continued with a special Christmas present.
The actress took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she’d received a gift from her sister Briana Cuoco that left her emotional.
She shared a picture of the present, a white mug with a sketch drawing of her dog Norman and his name scribbled on top.

On the shot, the 8 Simple Rules star wrote: “Best Christmas gift from @Bricuoco,” and added a “My Boy,” sticker to it as well.

The mug was a reminder of the beloved dog, who’d passed away earlier this year after having been with her for 14 years.
Kaley was incredibly attached to Norman, to the point that she even named her production company after him, Yes, Norman Productions.

She’d shared pictures of the heartbreaking moment when she’d lost her pet back in January, including photos of the two of them cuddling and adoringly looking at each other.
Kaley received a mug with her dog Norman’s face on it for Christmas

However, the actress continues to care for her ever-growing brood of animals, and recently even added a new member to her family.

Kaley revealed with a series of shots on her social media that she had adopted an adorable brown and white mini cow that she had named Connie.
She posted a shot of Connie and wrote: “Oh and this happened. We adopted a mini cow and I actually can’t handle it,” adding: “Her name is Connie. Sit with that a minute.”
Kaley then added several photographs of her cow interacting with the rest of the animals in her stable, including the pigs and horses.
The actress recently adopted a mini cow she named Connie

They all seemed to be getting along perfectly and the Big Bang Theory star couldn’t have been more ecstatic about the new addition to her clan.


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