See As Bianca Belair Stuns Fans With Insane Finishing Over Rival Doudrop


On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Bianca Belair and Doudrop met inside the ring for what has been dubbed ‘The Final Chapter’.
Bianca Belair celebrates match
The two have been locked in a feud since the Scot turned heel and set out to prove herself on WWE’s red brand.

Both women have been competing to establish themselves as contenders for a title match after Becky Lynch’s current rivalry with Liv Morgan plays out.
Last night, Belair showed exactly why she dons the nickname The EST of WWE and made the threat that she is eyeing up the Raw title.

Doudrop looked ready to end the match after executing a brutal powerbomb on her opponent, who stayed on the mat in clear discomfort. But after evading the attempted finisher, Belair turned the tables and went in for a move that sent the audience wild.
Bianca Belair celebrates match
The EST hoisted Doudrop onto her shoulders and carried her right into the centre of the ring as fans jumped out of their seats, almost unable to believe what they were witnessing.

In front of the roaring crowd, Belair delivered the Kiss of Death before rushing in for the pin to secure her victory.

The former SmackDown women’s champion showcases her strength and athleticism every time she enters the ring — but finishing Doudrop with the K.O.D just took the game to a whole new level and it will no doubt fire warning shots at every potential opponent Belair could come up against next.

After the match, The EST said she hopes it’s the end of the feud between her and Doudrop, and accused the Scot of “focusing more on my career than hers.”

She then discussed her mission to land herself a title match for the Raw Women’s Championship and hinted that there could be something for her fans to look forward to after Day 1 when Lynch and Morgan compete for the belt.

Belair moved to Raw from SmackDown during the Draft, having recently held the blue brand title for more than 100 days before Big Time Becks made her return and defeated her for the Championship.
If Lynch retains her title at Day 1, it could be the perfect revenge opportunity for Belair.


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