Saucy Santana pays homage to Beyoncé in new music video for Booty

Saucy Santana pays homage to Beyoncé in new music video for Booty
Saucy Santana pays homage to Beyoncé in new music video for Booty

Saucy Santana channelled Beyoncé in his brand new music video for Booty.

Over the last few years, the openly gay rapper has made massive waves in the music industry.

From his hit viral tracks – like Material Girl and Walk – to receiving co-signs by some of music’s biggest artists, the young talent from Florida has become one the hottest rappers in the hip hop genre.

On 10 June, Santana continued his upward trajectory by teaming up with Atlanta-based rapper Latto for the infectious rap-pop single Booty.

Saucy Santana Teases Twerk-Worthy, Beyoncé-Sampling Summer Anthem, "Booty"Described as the “undisputed song of the summer”, the record samples Beyoncé’s hit debut single Crazy In Love and features confident and electric bars from the 28-year-old talent.

“So I just thought about it, Booty is out right now, and Booty is the official BBL song,” Santana proclaimed via his Instagram.

On 19 July, the On My Body rapper finally released the highly-anticipated music video for the record, directed by Jake Wilson, and it is everything.

At the start of the video, Santana pays homage to Beyoncé by wearing her iconic white tee, blue shorts and red pumps combo from her music video for Crazy In Love.

The video then transitions to the Shisha rapper in the middle of a block party, where he begins to deliver his fierce bars full of playful innuendos.

As the video continues, Drag Race star Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté, Nikita Dragun, Cristian Dennis, and Julian Burzynski join the party to show off their own iconic booty-shaking moments.

Towards the end of the visual, the beloved rapper performs a dynamic routine by choreographer Sean Bankhead that blends into a dance-off between the house party attendees.

Sanatana’s music video for Booty comes a few days after he revealed the inspiration behind the track in an interview with Genius.

“The original inspiration for Booty, I think, is just like, it’s a fun record, it’s summertime, so asses is out,” he said.

You can watch Saucy Santana’s electric music video for his single Booty here or below.


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