Salma Hayek Shares Her Cleavage In #TBT Photo- see more



Salma Hayek casually broke the internet with this “throwback” Sunday photo, posting a seriously sexy “#tbt” snapshot to Instagram. I put “tbt” in quotes because I’m honestly a little skeptical: How do we know this is a throwback if she looks exactly the same in the present day? Alas. It’s best to trust the hashtags, right?
The Oscar-nominated actress shared an idyllic image of her “younger” self posing in the (near) nude, leaning atop a counter in what appears to be an exquisitely elegant powder room. Hayek’s body is only partially covered by a lengthy swath of ivory fabric that falls to the floor, and she sensually stares directly into the camera.



“The good old days. Los buenos viejos tiempos. Le bon vieux temps #tbt,” she captioned the photo, insisting again — now in three different languages — that this photograph is somehow “old.”
In any event, we’re always pleased to see women in their fifties — and sixties, and seventies and so on (!!!) — feeling confident in their skin. As we always say, we wish it wasn’t out of the ordinary for women over 40 and 50 to boldly love, and flaunt, their beautiful bodies, but until it is appropriately normalized — and subsequently appreciated — we’ll go out of our way to celebrate each every time they do.
Hayek’s steamy “throwback” photo is reminiscent of a few other over-50-icons, like Helena Christensen, who posed in lingerie earlier this week, and Brooke Shields, whose daughters inspired — and reminded her — that it’s good to “celebrate things like her butt.” And, most importantly, that “women over 50 are not done.”


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