Salma Hayek Clutches Cleavage in Wet Photo Shoot, Has Near Wardrobe Malfunction: Picture


Salma’s spilling out! Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet hanging off the boat in Titanic, Salma Hayek clung to her chest for dear life on Friday, Oct. 31.



The Grown Ups 2 star, 48, was in the middle of a sexy photo shoot, wearing a black strapless gown in a pool of water, when she came within centimeters of suffering an intense nip slip.


As she stepped out of the water, Hayek’s dress proved too flimsy to hold up her voluptuous chest, so the Mexican stunner was forced to grab the girls herself.



Other than her near-mishap, Hayek looked gorgeous, sporting a bold red lip, statement rings, and a bracelet.



Her brunette locks were slicked back from the water and her makeup was run-free despite the damp conditions.

Back in 2003, Renée Zellweger and Salma Hayek were both nominated for Academy Awards.



Zellweger was up for Chicago and Hayek was nominated thanks to her role in Frida.



And while they were up for the same award — Best Actress — Hayek explained that Zellweger helped her out at the eleventh hour, because the night before the awards ceremony, her dressed ripped.



Thankfully, Zellweger had an extra dress and Hayek managed to make it to the show and still look amazing.


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