Royal Watchers Fear the Palace Isn’t Telling the Public the Truth About the Queen’s Health.


Despite reassurances from everyone from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Buckingham Palace, royal watchers are beginning to worry that the Queen’s health is declining much more quickly than the royals are letting on.



A string of recent medical issues — which include an October hospital stay and several canceled events — are only fueling these speculations.



On October 20, the Queen was admitted to London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital. It was the first time in more than eight years that the Queen required an overnight stay, which quickly caused people to worry about her health.



Palace officials never revealed why the Queen was in the hospital.
The royals kept the reason behind the Queen’s initial visit pretty mum, opting to tell the public that she was there for “preliminary investigations” into an unnamed medical issue.



After her release the following morning, Buckingham Palace updated the Queen’s schedule to show several canceled events due to doctor’s recommendations that she get some rest for a few weeks.



Although the monarch has been taking it pretty easy, the palace confirmed Thursday that she’d be attending the Remembrance Sunday service.



The 95-year-old, who served as an army driver and a mechanic in World War II, was set to make her traditional appearance at the Cenotaph for the service and remembrance event but canceled at the last minute.



According to palace officials, the Queen’s “sprained back” would make traveling to and from the event impossible.



This would’ve been Elizabeth’s first public appearance since her hospitalization, according to the Daily Mail, and she was sorely “disappointed” about missing it.
Her continued absence has the public extremely worried.



Remembrance Day has long been a can’t-miss event for the Queen, so her last-minute announcement that she would be skipping it this year has prompted a lot of concern.



On Instagram, British newsman Piers Morgan explained how this was only the fifth time the Queen had missed the service at the Cenotaph.



Twice she was abroad, and twice she was pregnant,” he explained. “The Palace says she has ‘sprained her back,’ but I’m beginning to fear there is something they’re not telling us about her health.



Piers added that he hopes he’s wrong, and he asked his fellow citizens to remember both those who’ve served and “Her Majesty” as well.Not everyone is worried about the 95-year-old’s health.



Boris Johnson tried to allay people’s fears following services on Sunday evening. I know that everybody will be wanting to offer their best wishes to Her Majesty the Queen,” he began.



“I just want to reassure everybody by saying that I did see the Queen for an audience last week on Wednesday in Windsor, and she is very well.



The fact that everyone is so worried about the Queen’s health following her three-week period of rest is a sign of just how much she’s loved by her people and how hard she’s been working for them for decades.



Hopefully palace officials are simply continuing to have the Queen take it easy out of an abundance of caution and her lighter schedule isn’t a sign of something more serious.


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