Royal Family LIVE: Prince Harry Threatens Legal Action Against His Grandmother’s Government


PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle risk angering the Queen with the Duke’s legal action against the Government, according to a royal expert.
Harry has said he is unable to bring Meghan, Archie and Lilibet back to the UK because it is too dangerous without police protection. He has filed a claim for a judicial review against a Home Office decision not to allow him to personally pay for police protection for his family while in Britain.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward told the Mirror: “Prince Harry’s threat of legal action against his grandmother’s government will not sit kindly with her.
“The Queen does not like being threatened. Even though the threat is not directed at her personally, it is a threat that comes under her jurisdiction.

“It will make her annoyed and very irritated. She has no desire to alienate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but if they continually behave like spoiled children trying to get their own way, she will be forced to do so.”

Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry
Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry


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