ROYAL FAMILY LIVE: Michael Deacon Told Meghan Markle To Learn From Smart Kate

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

MEGHAN MARKLE has been warned to take a leaf out of the Duchess of Cambridge’s book, who was once labeled “Waity Katie”.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has issued a complaint to the BBC about an inaccuracy in a podcast, forcing the broadcaster to issue a correction.

Now, Telegraph columnist Michael Deacon has urged Meghan to follow the Duchess of Cambridge’s lead.
Meghan Markle and Kate MiddletonMeghan Markle and Kate Middleton
In 2009 a tabloid columnist branded Kate Middleton “Waity Katie” and accused the Duchess of never expressing any opinions adding: “She hasn’t got any”.

But Mr Deacon said: “Or perhaps she has – but is far too smart to reveal them.”


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