Royal Expert Says Kate Middleton’s Kids Are Better Off Without Archie Harrison


The royal family is often surrounded by gossip, controversy and speculations, however, its members try as much as possible to remain close and respectful to one another.



But, the events that have transpired between specific members of the family in the past few months, has raised a lot of questions as to how close they are or will be in the future.


Kate Middleton's green racing dress.
Recently, a royal expert insinuated that Meghan Markle’s son, Archie and Kate Middleton’s kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louise, would be better off as strangers to one another till they’re older.



After coming face-to-face with the full extent of the British media, Prince Harry and his wife, Markle made the decision to move to another country.



The duo certified that they left their royal duties behind for the sole purpose of building a family that was free from constant ridicule and scrutinization. Ultimately, the duo wanted a peaceful household to raise their kid, Archie.



Although it was assumed that Markle was the anchor of this decision, it dawned on everyone that Prince Harry made the decision to protect his family.



Do they stay together? Certainly not in the case of the royal family. Since their move across the globe, Harry and Markle’s relationship with Prince William and Middleton has somewhat strained.


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