Ronda Rousey Returns to WWE Ring This Week For Huge Match


Ronda Rousey is going to be returning to WWE this weekend, a new report has claimed.
A report earlier today claimed that WWE was hoping Ronda Rousey would return soon, and it seems like the date for her come back has now been revealed.
Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live that he’d been told that the former UFC star was going to return to WWE this weekend.

The report claims that Rousey, as far as he is aware, is going to be in the women’s Royal Rumble match on Saturday night, via

“I was told that Ronda Rousey will be in the Royal Rumble.”


It’s incredibly unlikely that WWE would announce something like Ronda Rousey’s return in advance, so the likelihood is she’ll be one of the surprise entrants into the match.

Of course, things can always change very quickly within WWE, but it seems like the plan as of right now is for Rousey to make her come back to WWE this weekend.

The former Raw Women’s Champion has not been seen since WrestleMania 35 in April 2019, when she became one of the first women to ever main event WWE’s biggest show of the year.


Rousey left the company to start a family, giving birth to her first child last year in September.

However, Rousey has reportedly been training for an in-ring return, which will apparently be taking place in less than a week’s time.

WWE will likely be positioning Ronda Rousey for a singles match with Becky Lynch, which fans have been crying out for since 2018.

For more on what the future holds for Ronda Rousey in WWE and the Royal Rumble, make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport over the coming days.

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