Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Reportedly Ready To Rule a Modern Monarchy.


It sounds like Prince William and Kate Middleton are ready to step up and take over the royal family when the time comes.



According to royal insiders, the couple have exactly what it takes to ensure a successful transition into their new roles when William becomes king someday — and they’ll even bring The Firm into modern times as they do it.



A former staffer gave some insight into the pair’s bond during a recent interview.
William and Kate’s former private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, told People exactly how the Cambridge couple has worked together to ready themselves for the day William takes the throne.



“They are bringing to the party different means of achieving the whole,” Jamie explained, adding that William has the benefit of knowing the royal family from the inside out, whereas Kate brings her insights from growing up as a commoner to the table.



The couple have worked to find ways to connect with the issues of the people.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge haven’t just worked on their future behind the scenes — the pair have found ways to make sure that they’re connecting to the world around them.



This means finding issues that they can throw their platform behind while also rallying the public’s support.



Another former staffer said their focus has included hot-button issues such as mental health and climate change and that William and Kate “are playing a really important role in finding a point of connection for a different range of subjects that the family hasn’t always connected with. William and Kate have spent more than a decade learning the ropes.



It’s clear that the two have an unbreakable bond. “Thank God they’ve got each other and the training that they’ve had,” Jamie said. “They have a solid bond through these last 10 years. If you had scoured the realm you couldn’t have got a better pair, frankly.



That sounds like good news for the United Kingdom. After Prince Charles’ anticipated reign, William will step up to the plate and lead the royal family. The fact that they are currently raising young children likely also drives their focus.



William and Kate’s children play a major role in their lives, and the two have shared some behind-the-scenes looks at the way they parent that has left many feeling like the young royals are more in touch with reality than those from the past.



“I had an amazing Granny who devoted a lot of time to us — playing with us, doing arts and crafts, and going to the greenhouse to do gardening, and cooking with us — and I try and incorporate a lot of the experiences that she gave us at the time into the experiences that I give my children now,”



Kate once said while on Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast, Happy Mum, Happy Baby. Her statement proves the Cambridge family is focused on giving the children a life outside of the sometimes stuffy trappings of the palace.



But being ready for the job doesn’t mean they’ll be stepping up any time soon.
Although those around them may believe that William and Kate are primed to lead, it doesn’t mean that it will be their turn in the near future.



Charles is the next in line for the throne, and even he is likely to have to wait a bit longer to wear the crown. The Queen is still in excellent health and hasn’t shown any signs she plans to step down.



That being said, it has to feel good for the citizens of the UK to know that when the time comes, William and Kate will be ready to rise and meet the moment.


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