Prince William ‘fumes’ as Kate Middleton gets dragged into Harry, Meghan Markle feud


Prince William is reportedly in a fit of rage over how Kate Middleton is getting dragged into the whole Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drama.



Royal expert Katie Nicholl made this claim in a Channel 5 documentary titled William and Harry: Princes at War?


Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton in unique styles
There, the expert touched on Prince William’s “infuriation” and was quoted saying, “Really, for Kate to be dragged into the story at that stage, infuriated William.”



“He was very, very cross that Kate, who had up until then been very much peripheral in this fraternal rift, had been pulled in. There is never smoke without fire. How true these stories are, possibly you take some of them with a big pinch of salt.”



“I certainly had been told by very reliable sources that the girls weren’t the best of friends, weren’t as close as perhaps they might have been. But actually the real issue wasn’t between Meghan and Kate, it was between William and Harry.”


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