Prince Harry BOASTED to Prince William Amid Feud: ‘I can do anything I want!’

Prince Harry and Prince William


PRINCE Harry believed he could “do anything he wanted” because he did not have the responsibility of becoming King unlike his brother Prince William, a Princess Diana insider has claimed.



Prince William is currently third in line to the throne, and will become the heir to the throne when Queen Elizabeth II dies and Prince Charles becomes King.



William has known he will become the King of England one day for some time now, dating back to the early stages of his childhood.



Prince Harry, on the other hand, is very unlikely to ever take up that position, with his brother, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis combining to make him sixth in line to the throne.



This is a fact Prince Harry is also believed to have known since he was only a child, as a Princess Diana insider claims he would tease his older brother about the role he would one day fill.



Speaking on “Robert Jobson’s Royal Podcast” in 2018, Princess Diana’s former protection officer Ken Wharfe claims young Prince Harry would tell William he can do “anything he wants”.Inspector Wharfe then recalled a car journey when the boys were only children.



With their nanny and the late Princess Diana in the vehicle, Harry turned to his older brother and teased: “It’s alright, I can do anything because I won’t be King. You will be, therefore I can do what I want.”Inspector Wharfe believes William “gleefully liked” the acknowledgment Harry had given him of his place in the family.



Ken said William was happy that there was “an acknowledgment that at least his brother knew that he would be King”. He added: “As children, I always thought it was rather funny.”



While William is likely to become King, Ken added in the podcast that Princess Diana also thought Harry would make a good king.Diana is said to have nicknamed her youngest son “Good King Harry” during his youth.



“Many, including Diana, thought that Harry – given his predilection to being quite robust and good at taking orders would have made a good king himself,” Ken explained.



News of William and Harry’s childhood rivalry comes amid rumours an emotional strain is running between Kate and her sister-in-law, only months after the royal wedding.



Following the news Meghan and Harry are moving to Frogmore House in Windsor, there has been a rumoured “tension” between the two Duchesses.Speaking of the speculation, an insider said: “They are very different women despite their similar circumstances. Meghan is an extrovert whereas Kate is quite shy.”



The Evening Standard’s royal correspondent Robert Jobson said on the matter: “There’s a lot of information coming out of the palace at the moment, the palace are doing their best to put a dampener on it. “I’ve heard that there are tensions – I personally think there’s some truth in it.”


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