Prince Harry ‘blew Charles out the water’ by releasing statement during visit to Oman.


Prince Harry, 37, broke a common practice in the Royal Family by releasing a fiery statement about his now wife Meghan Markle, 40, while Prince Charles, 73, was visiting the Middle East in 2016.



The Duke of Cornwall arrived in Oman just days after the Sunday Express revealed Harry and Meghan were dating. Charles, who arrived for his seven-day trip alongside his 74-year-old wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, was soon “blown out of the water” by his youngest son.



Robert Jobson, the so-called ‘Godfather of Royal Reporting’, was with the Duke of Rothesay at the time. He promised to give Charles a frontpage splash during negotiations to secure an interview with the heir to the throne.



However, he explained to the BBC’s Amol Rajan in episode one of the broadcaster’s ‘The Princes and the Press’ documentary, how the Duke of Cornwall was about to be snubbed.Mr Jobson said:



“When you’re on a trip, say with the Prince of Wales in the Middle East, and all of your negotiations for a week to get the chat with the Prince of Wales, to say ‘We guarantee you the splash’, all goes out the window because Harry releases this big statement about the press and about their treatment of Meghan was outrageous.



Of course that then has to be page one and I’m looking at the press guy for the Prince saying ‘What can I do?’”



He recalled how the Prince of Wales said: “Well, I thought I was going to be on page one that was the deal here.”



Rhiannon Mills from Sky News added that Harry’s decision to release the statement was a “big no-no” when it comes to usual practice within the Firm.
She said: “You do not do anything while another member of the Royal Family is on tour that could possibly overshadow that tour.”



“Of course, Prince Harry confirming he was dating Meghan Markle blew any coverage about Prince Charles completely out the water.”


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