Prince Charles may remove Archie, Lilibet’s royal titles amid Meghan Markle snub? – see details


Experts fear Prince Charles may decide to remove Archie and Lilibet from HRH title usage because of his desire to run a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy. This would come to play if Prince Charles decides to change the Letters Patent law that was set up by King George V, back in 1917. The patent in question currently allows all sons and daughters of the sovereign, as well as male grandchildren, to retain royal titles, however, only the eldest son of the Prince of Wales was awarded the option before Queen Elizabeth’s reign.



After taking up the crown, she extended the Letters Patent to include all children of the UK Royal Family and allowed them all to retain HRH titles. This warning comes in light of Prince Charles’ former comments about wanting a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy once he assumes the throne of Britain. However, fans also suspect the fractured relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may end up contributing to the King’s potential decision in the long run.



This warning comes almost a year after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first explosive admission to a US TV host, Oprah, about comments being made about Archie’s skin colour before he was even born. Although she claimed she’d never reveal the name of the royal in question, speculations circled either King Charles or Queen Consort Camilla.



For those unversed, while Meghan Markle chose to stay in London while Prince Harry visited Scotland to be with his family, she is expected to attend the Queen’s funeral which is salted 10 days from the day of her death and will follow a nationwide mourning.


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