Popular Wrestler Anthony Smith Referenced Legend JCVD And Reveals Link With Him

Anthony Smith and JCVD
Anthony Smith and JCVD

Anthony Smith reveals the origins of his nickname and points to Jean-Claude Van Damme as being the reason behind it.
When Matt Serra joked that Anthony Smith had been named after one of the worse Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, he ended up getting a surprising story.

Smith has proven time and time again how tough he is and, for that reason alone, the nickname ‘lionheart’ would suit him. When Serra joked that he was named after one of the worse Van Damme movies, Smith actually confirmed it was true.

“The Lionheart thing, it’s less about the quality of the movie,” said Smith on UFC unfiltered.

“I was an amateur, probably halfway through my amateur career and I was fucking trash dude, I was terrible.

“I would just get the shit beat out of me but I was ok at Jiu-Jitsu for that level so I would just take beatings and then I would catch slick-ass submissions towards the end of the fight.”


Like the movie
Smith’s performances lined up with the storyline of the Van Damme movies and ended up being an appropriate name for the fighter.

“The storyline behind that movie is kind of like, he’s just a guy fighting in all these weird, backass places for money and that’s kind of what I was doing.

“I wasn’t good and you know how Van Damme would lose every fight till the very end then he would win it.”


Serra was surprised that Smith had actually taken the name from the movie as he was only joking but Smith revealed that he didn’t even choose the name for himself at the time.

“It wasn’t me, it was the ring announcer had worked a couple of my fights and he was like, ‘man you really remind me of that movie,’ and I asked him why and he said the story’s a little bit similar.

“Van Damme loses until he doesn’t, so, he kind of offended me at the same time as giving me a cool nickname.”



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