Piers Morgan Weighs In On Roy Keane Comments As Manchester United Legend’s Prediction Proved Right

Piers Morgan weighs in on Roy Keane comments as Manchester United legend's prediction proved right
Piers Morgan weighs in on Roy Keane comments as Manchester United legend's prediction proved right

Roy Keane was furious after Manchester United lost 4-1 to Manchester City last Sunday

Piers Morgan agrees with Roy Keane’s comments on “dreadful public apologies” made by players after they lose games.

The Manchester United legend was furious after his former club lost 4-1 to Manchester City last weekend and blasted the team’s performance.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Keane said: “I don’t know who’s running that dressing room. Look at Maguire, he had a poor game, is he having battles with Ronaldo, captaincy and all these things?

“Egos come into it, you leave egos at the front door, these guys are all about how am I looking? Are my boots nice? Is my hair looking good? Play the game!

“You’re at Man United, we’re looking at the fans behind the goal and they know, they’re not daft, this team we’re supporting have given up.

“We’ll hear a load of rubbish over the coming days, we’ve heard it before, there’ll be statements, ‘sorry about that, we’ll try it again next week’, it’s what you do on the pitch that interests me, not all the other garbage.”


And Keane’s prediction was proved right after the match as Jadon Sancho apologised to United’s fans on social media.

The England international tweeted: “Apologies to the fans… It’s not good enough. We have to look ourselves as players and work hard to make things right. We will keep on fighting.”

Replying to the tweet, Arsenal fan Morgan wrote: “Roy Keane’s so right about all these dreadful public apologies when players now lose a game. They should just shut up, train harder, and play better.”

Keane also blasted United for ‘giving up’ in a derby match.

He added: “I think the worst thing you could say about United is they did give up. For a player in a derby, or any game, to give up, it’s unforgivable really.

“The beauty of top-level sport is there is no hiding place. We saw all United’s shortcomings today.

“There’s ways to lose football matches, we’ve all lost football matches, but the way United lost today. They stopped running. They gave up. There’s players out there not running back.

“That’s what I don’t understand. The manager will be criticised, and the tactics, but players not running back when they are playing for Man United is unacceptable.

“They threw the towel in, which is shameful.

“I forgive mistakes, but you’ve got to run back. There’s five or six players who should never play for Man United.

“It’s shameful. A couple of lads in midfield, (Aaron) Wan-Bissaka, Fred, (Marcus) Rashford came on. I could go on. And City weren’t even at their best. They didn’t have to be.

“They gave up, Shame on them!”


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