Piers Morgan To Prince Harry: ‘Shut Up You Little Privileged Twerp’

Piers called Meghan and Harry hypocrites
Piers called Meghan and Harry hypocrites

Piers Morgan has issued his latest tirade against Prince Harry after the Duke of Sussex after he spoke openly about how he looks after his mental health in a recent interview
Piers Morgan has slammed Prince Harry’s approach to looking after his mental health.

The journalist told the Duke of Sussex to “shut up” and called him a “privileged twerp” in his latest rant against the royal.

In a new chat, the royal revealed that he likes to wash his “mental windscreen” with daily meditation and taking time for himself.

The dad-of-two urged companies to allow staff to take “me time” during office hours during a chat with life coaching company BetterUp.

The Duke also added that he can’t do things that he’d “love to do” because of the stresses of every day life.

“I know I need to meditate every single day,” the Prince said.

“There’s a lesson here. ‘I’m being schooled by the universe. Next time it happens, I’m going to be more resilient and can see a way around it to achieve the ultimate goal’.

“If you have that perspective, every single bad thing that happens, what you perceive to be bad, can be good.”

Prince Harry said that bosses should give employees time out to deal with stress

Harry, who has recently been named Chief Impact Officer for the company, said that if everyone took a bit of a breather at work that there would be a “shift in global consciousness and awareness.”

Whilst this may sound like something we all need in our lives, Piers wasn’t impressed and spat in his “uncensored” column for The Sun : “So Harry, who is reportedly being paid millions of dollars to be Chief Impact Officer, is exploiting both his royal title (without which nobody, least of all BetterUp, would care what he says) and the issue of mental health for vast financial gain both to himself and his employer.

“And, like almost everything he and his wife Meghan have done since flouncing out of Britain and royal duty, it stinks of hypocrisy and ruthless commercialism.

Piers Morgan has branded Prince Harry a 'privileged twerp' in his latest rant
Piers Morgan has branded Prince Harry a ‘privileged twerp’ in his latest rant

“After all, these are two people who have effectively disowned almost their entire families and constantly attack them in public, without a care for the damage it might cause to their mental health.”

Piers called Harry’s latest interview “gormless gibberish about his favourite subject: Himself and his mental health”.

The TV presenter worked out that BetterUp will charge £367 a month for every employee who signs up, which adds up to £4,400 a year.

“His incessant rabbiting about his mental health, for huge financial gain, is now damaging MY mental health.

“For the love of God, SHUT UP, you privileged little twerp.
Piers pointed out that Meghan’s dad Thomas lives just 70 miles from the Sussexes but hasn’t seen her for four years.

He also added that Harry has “compounded his grandmother’s heartbreak” over the loss of Prince Philip with “unsubstantiated attacks” on the royal family.


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