Piers Morgan ‘Grateful’ America ‘Took Meghan Markle Back’

Piers Morgan 'Grateful' America 'Took Meghan Markle Back'
Piers Morgan 'Grateful' America 'Took Meghan Markle Back'

Piers Morgan is taking yet another opportunity to mock Meghan Markle.

Speaking about his new show Uncensored on TalkTV in the UK, the former Good Morning Britain host explosively talked about the Duchess of Sussex as he touched upon free speech and cancel culture.

“I want to get back to what it used to be like where you could have a tear-up argument with a good friend about some issue in the news and afterwards go and have a beer together,” Piers explained.

“Like Meghan Markle?” news presenter Jesse Watters sarcastically weighed in.

Taking a swipe at the royal, Piers replied: “There are some exceptions to my cancel culture rule and I can only thank the American people for taking Ms Markle back.”

“We couldn’t be more grateful,” the former Good Morning Britain host laughed.

Earlier, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle mocked the Sussexes for trying to be a ‘Hollywood’ couple after leaving key roles as senior royals.

“They certainly seem to want to be a Hollywood couple but they made the choice to leave The Royal Family and that means when you leave royal duty, you don’t get the benefits that conveys, whether it’s titles or all of the perks, you know, it’s crazy.

“It’s just like a police officer leaving the police force, saying I quit and then still wanting a badge and a squad car to ride around in, that’s the simplest analogy I can come up with.”


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