Naomi Osaka Joins Fortnite As Her In-Game Skins Launch On March 3rd


Prove your Fortnite talent in the Naomi Osaka Cup to unlock both of her Outfits for free. Win 2 Free skins + more in new Fortnite Solo Cup as Naomi Osaka joins the Icon Series

The weird world of Fortnite is adding another celebrity to its ranks.

Tennis star and noted Overwatch fan Naomi Osaka will be joining the battle royale with two different character skins that go on sale starting March 3rd. One outfit has some clear tennis influences, while the other is called the “dark priestess” outfit, and both come with an assortment of matching accessories. Osaka will be showing off her in-game character a bit early when she streams with Twitch star Berleezy on March 1st at 7PM ET.

Real-world stars have steadily been creeping their way into Fortnite, most recently with the addition of Silk Sonic duo Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, along with multiple versions of Tom Holland. When it comes to athletes, Osaka joins some big names including LeBron James and Neymar Jr.

Fortnite kicked off its third chapter last December, and so far that’s included everything from giant monsters to an art gallery to a big collaborative event with the NBA. The game’s next season is expected to debut in March.

The Fortnite Icon Series is home to some of the world’s most popular stars. From gaming legends like Ninja, to Ariana Grande and other musical marvels, there are representatives from every corner of culture.

On Thursday, March 3, at 7 PM ET, tennis titan Naomi Osaka will become the newest addition to the squad. She’s a four-time Grand Slam Champion, and has gained a lot of respect outside of the sport in recent years as an activist.

Here’s what’s included in the upcoming Naomi Osaka Set:


Having explained earlier that there are two separate skins to look out for, each accompanied by their own unique accessories. Both options come with a tennis racket-themed Pickaxe which doubles up as a Back Bling.

The Naomi Osaka Outfit features a bonus Court Queen style, plus the Royale Racket Pickaxe/Back Bling. Additionally, arrive like royalty aboard the Queen’s Cloudcarriage Glider.

Alternatively, grab the Dark Priestess Naomi Outfit. You will also receive the Portalforger Pickaxe/Back Bling and an extra Neon Priestess style. Pick up the Cursed Hazeboard Glider to complete the ensemble.

Naomi Osaka Cup

With over $20,000,000 in tournament winnings, Naomi Osaka could hit any Fortnite pro with an earnings check! The prizing isn’t quite as crazy in her Solo Cup this Wednesday, but you can still bag both the new skins and Pickaxes if you do well.

On March 2, players will have three hours to complete up to ten matches in the Naomi Osaka Cup. Points are awarded for both placement and eliminations as follows:

Scoring System
Victory Royale: 30 Points
2nd: 25 Points
3rd: 22 Points
4th: 20 Points
5th: 19 Points
6th: 17 Points
7th: 16 Points
8th: 15 Points
9th: 14 Points
10th: 13 Points
11th – 15th: 11 Points
16th – 20th: 9 Points
21st – 25th: 7 Points
26th – 30th: 5 Points
31st – 35th: 4 Points
36th – 40th: 3 Points
41st – 50th: 2 Points
51st – 75th: 1 Point

Each Elimination: 1 Point

This is how high you’ll need to place overall to secure the Outfits:

Top 2,500

NA East
Top 1,250

NA West
Top 500

Top 1,000

Top 250

Top 250

Middle East
Top 250

As a thank you for taking part, anyone who scores at least eight points will unlock the new Forbidden Ice Spray.

There is no minimum Arena requirement for this event but you will need to be at account level 50 or above. As always, Two-Factor Authentication must be enabled too.

Find full details and entry conditions in the Naomi Osaka Cup Official Rules.


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