Michael Jackson’s Daughter, Paris, Strips Plain To Celebrate Yuletide Season With Friends


MICHAEL JACKSON’S daughter Paris Jackson has turned heads on Instagram by posting a photo of herself completely nude, while taking part in a moon circle with a group of friends.
23-year-old model and singer Paris Jackson stripped off for photos for a sacred ritual alongside friends this week, while gathered around an array of candles and cauldrons positioned in the centre of the circle. The daughter of the late Michael Jackson sat naked on the grass with her legs folded beneath her and her arms raised triumphantly into the air.




A moon circle is an all-female “sacred gathering” with women brought together to celebrate the new or full moon and harness their “lunar energy”.

Believers claim that, as human bodies are at least 70 per cent water, they are influenced by the moon in the same way as the tides of the ocean.


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