Meghan’s cheap TV stunt reveals exactly who she REALLY is.


But neither of them talked about that. Oh dear me no. Instead they indulged themselves in what has to have been the cringiest, squirmiest, most sycophantic interview on record .



Even worse than Oprah’s. The pair talked about what good friends they are, how they see each other a lot, how they live close to each other in their multi-million-pound mansions. But that wasn’t the worst of it.



Apart from shamelessly plugging her silly little book, The Bench, which has been slated here as a “semi-literate vanity project” and which hit the bargain buckets within weeks of publication, Meghan took part in a silly stunt which was every bit as cringeworthy as George Galloway pretending to be a cat on Celebrity Big Brother.



The game involved Ellen, via an earpiece, telling her what to say to some local street traders on the streets of LA.



One was selling crystals and The Duchess had to touch them and claim they had “good energy” before holding one and starting to chant. “I have healing powers,” she was told to tell the trader.



She then moved on to another stall selling vinegar-based sauces and was told by Ellen to ask the person there: “Let Mommy taste some. My Boo (Harry) loves hot sauce. At one point she even said: “Mommy wants some heat.” And while she was waiting for the sauce she had to bounce around like an excited baby.



Ellen also told her to hold her nose, squat, make a noise like a cat, eat like a chipmunk and to top off the lunacy she had to suck milk out of a baby’s bottle. And she did it all.So she goes from accusations of racism and “I’m a victim” to that? This is a woman who is determined to remain a Duchess, who thinks she is entitled to, even worthy of, the title, yet she performs cheap stunts on a TV chat show so that America will say: “Oh look, she’s lovely. She’s fun. She’s just like us.”



Yes, she talked about parental rights, family life and being a ‘Mom’. And she regaled everyone with stories about how poor she used to be. But this was all about Meghan’s image, about trying to make people believe she’s the most wonderful human being to ever have drawn breath.



Well it didn’t work for me. I thought it all seemed a bit desperate and she looked silly. Can you ever imagine Kate doing any of that stuff? Fergie maybe, but no-one worthy of a royal title.



As for Meghan’s PR people, what the Hell were they thinking letting her behave like this? Can she ever be taken seriously again by bodies like the UN? How can she talk seriously about world poverty, about climate change, when there’s footage out there of her making cat noises and sucking milk from a bottle.



And when she wasn’t making cat noises she was, as one columnist put it, behaving like “the Hollywood star she never was”.



The Windsors should keep this Ellen Show and watch it all together after lunch on Christmas Day. They’ll have a right old laugh.



They’ll also be thanking their lucky stars that the “Suits” girl has hightailed it back to L.A. and is doing what she always wanted to do – making herself a star!


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