Meghan Markle’s Video Surfaces As She Plays Killer ‘Sleeping Beauty’ In Unearthed Crime Drama


Meghan Markle’s resurfaced video from her acting days is going viral on the internet, featuring the Duchess of Sussex as a murderous princess.

Markle plays Sleeping Beauty in The Castle, featuring in a special episode of the ABC crime drama.

The show, which was shot almost 10 years before Markle became an actual princess, was one of her first projects in Hollywood prior to the hit tv series Suits.

The 41-year-old stars as Charlotte Boyd in episode 4 of the series.


“Just watched Meghan Markle in an old episode of Castle – she played such a good part,” one fan commented.

“Just felt a bit strange watching her act and thinking of her life now, “compared another.

Another fan added: “I am watching an old episode of Castle where Meghan Markle is playing a victim who was being blackmailed. She looks so different.”

“It was Meghan Markle! Not only that, it was ironically a fairytale themed episode, and in her first scene she was dressed as a princess,” quips one admirer.


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