Meghan Markle ‘urged to put pen to paper’ to ensure she puts ‘her side of story out’ fully.


The move would allow Meghan Markle to “get her side of the story out” after a tumultuous year for her and Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex’s children’s book, “The Bench” became a bestseller within one week of its release.



The book came from a poem the Duchess wrote for her husband and was expanded into a picture book. Neil Sean discussed the possibility of the Duchess releasing a new book on his YouTube channel.



Mr Sean said: “It’s interesting because now, as we know next year, there’s not just a Tom Bower book, but there’s going to be a plethora of books all detailing the early life and up to date shenanigans of the former royal.



“Her own publisher – which helped release that book, The Bench, The New York Times bestseller – are suggesting it would be a good time to pen one herself.



“Now, here’s what we can tell you first here on the show. This won’t be your traditional biography because everyone around her knows that will be way too tricky. There’s got to be certain elements that she couldn’t speak about, the ongoing battles with the tabloids, the fallout with the Father, and of course the half-sister, you get the picture.



He added: “What they do think would make a very good and sellable book would be that of a pictorial level.So basically lots of pictures where memories are shared, two or three sentences, a couple of paragraphs at best.



“Meghan gets to put her side of the story out in a lighter, sweeter, more succinct way. Now, you have to admire the press team and the marketing team at Penguin Random House, because quite frankly, given the books that are coming out, and given that recent lapse of memory, who’s truly going to believe any of these tales.



“I for one think it would be an interesting book. And of course, it’s a very fast way of them making sure they regain some of the huge advance given the fact that The Bench didn’t really take off that well for Megan, particularly in Europe.



“It’s also a very testing time for her because if this pictorial affair didn’t take off, then more importantly for Megan, it could be curtains on that publishing career.



“I for one would truly like to know her version of events because I’m sure they’re going to be far more interesting than anything Tom Bower could certainly dream of.”


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