Meghan Markle May Have To Testify in Open Court, Creating a Nightmare for the Royals.


Is a courtroom showdown between Meghan Markle, her father Thomas Markle, and one of the UK’s largest newspaper publishers on the horizon?



That could be coming now that new details have come out about the 2018 letter Meghan wrote to her father — including the Duchess of Sussex takng the stand herself.



The drama all began in 2019 when Thomas allowed large excerpts of a handwritten letter from Meghan to be published.



After Meghan and her father had a large and public falling out when a heart attack prevented him from traveling to the UK for Meghan’s wedding, she wrote her father a lengthy letter explaining just how hurt and unhappy she was with his actions.



Thomas eventually passed that letter on to The Mail on Sunday, allowing it to publish large sections of the private communication.



Meghan sued the publisher and won, but that wasn’t the end of the issue.
During an appeals hearing, Associated Newspapers Ltd, the publisher behind The Mail on Sunday, alleged that it could prove that Meghan not only intended for the letter to be seen by the public but that she also lied to the court during her original testimony.



Now, the situation is still being battled out in court.Meghan had to apologize to the British High Court for misleading it about how much involvement she’s had in what went on prior to her lawsuit.



According to The Sun, Meghan claimed she forgot about emails and text messages that were sent to her press spokesman Jason Knauf, giving him express instructions on what to say to Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, two of the writers of th book, Finding Freedom:



Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Family.In a statement, Jason confirmed just how much information had been given to him by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, how they discussed the possibility that Meghan’s letter would be leaked to the press, and how they should craft it so that Meghan would come out looking sympathetic once it had gone public.



If the publisher wins the appeal, the case will go back to the courts and Meghan may need to testify.



There’s a chance the courts will want to hear from Meghan under oath so they can get to the bottom of exactly what happened.



If that’s the case, Meghan could be forced to answer a number of questions in court, some of which we imagine could be both uncomfortable and embarrassing for her. There’s also a chance things could get ugly for the rest of the royals.



We imagine that Meghan may have some unflattering things to say about the royal family while under oath, which might have the senior members of The Firm sweating right now.



Meghan would likely have to get specific about some of the things she and Harry alluded to during their interview with Oprah Winfrey, which could make an already trying time that much harder for the royals.



Considering Queen Elizabeth’s health is currently in question, and the holidays are approaching, it’s hard to imagine a worse time for all of this to be happening. Hopefully, everyone can start working on putting this painful chapter behind them soon.


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