MEGHAN MARKLE has “moved on” from her royal life after her appearance on the Ellen show.


Meghan Markle, 40, took part in a prank during which Ellen DeGeneres told her to carry out embarrassing tasks in front of unsuspecting vendors.



The duchess, who was wearing a hidden earpiece, was encouraged by the chat show host to eat a tortilla crisp like a chipmunk, refer to herself as mummy, tell jokes and hold a crystal up to her face.



Royal commentators Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito branded Meghan’s prank as “cringe” on the podcast Royally Obsessed.



Ms Bowie said: “Obviously this is a person who has serious f***s to give about anything. I feel like she knows what she’s doing in a way that is kind of rubbing the tabloids’ face in the mud about this.She knows they are going to latch on to anything she does.



“To me, this is a person who is really feeling free about who they are but it’s also so uncomfortable.”



Ms Fiorito added: “I immediately compare this to Harry going on James Corden’s show pre-Oprah.When Harry had those comedian parts, it felt like a spoof of his old life.



He was showing off his military expertise, he was sipping high tea on a double decker bus, it was an homage to his royal roots.



“But with Meghan on Ellen, there were no royal references made.”I felt that was a choice, Meghan is moving on from that and she doesn’t have to be serious.



“The Duchess of Sussex also spoke of the difficulties of having two children as she shared more intimate details about them.



In her televised interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Meghan told of how Archie “loves being a big brother” to his baby sister Lili.



After sharing a picture of the two-year-old feeding chickens while wearing yellow wellies in their home in Montecito, California, Meghan said Archie “loves to dance”.



She also revealed that he dressed as a dinosaur for Halloween, while Lili was a “little skunk like Flower from Bambi”.


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