Meghan Markle could ‘trigger alarm bells’ at Palace with leaked Princess Eugenie story.


During her controversial appearance on the Ellen show, The Duchess of Sussex shared a story about a time she and Prince Harry attended a Halloween party with Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank.



But royal commentator Neil Sean said this will have worried the Royal Family who are “very nervous about anything getting out to Meghan and Harry”.



He said: “As we know, Meghan then decided to describe her friendship with Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack, which goes back quite a long way, seemingly. But that really did trigger some alarm bells for senior members of the British monarchy over here.”



Meghan Markle rubbed up against Palace courtiers with plans to set own agenda as Duchess

Meghan Markle clashed with Palace courtiers as the agenda she hoped to set once she became the Duchess of Sussex did not meet with royal tradition.



Meghan Markle’s relationship with courtiers was discussed as part of a new documentary examining Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship with the press.



The Duchess of Sussex allegedly locked horns with royal aides over a divergence of views over the role she would have once she married into the family.



Presenter Amol Rajan spoke to royal experts on the BBC documentary The Princes and the Press.



Mr Rajan said: “Despite the leaks during this period, none of these stories actually appear in the media.”



Author Anna Pasternak claimed: “Meghan had this agenda that once she was a member of the Royal Family, she was going to have this platform and she was going to have her voice.



“The one thing that cannot have as a member of the Royal Family is your voice. “And I think that she rubbed up against a lot of the cultures and a lot of people very quickly.”


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