MEGHAN Markle could be banned from running for US president by her royal title.


A little-known constitutional amendment made two centuries ago could stymie any bid Meg makes to end up in the White House.



While the duchess has never publicly spoken of a wish to run, her own biographers also believe it’s “possible…



even likely” that she will, with one claiming she’s the “embodiment of the American dream”.



Meanwhile, Meghan appeared with Ellen DeGeneres for a sit-down interview on The Ellen Show on November 18.



However, The Telegraph has criticised the interview as: “cheesy and plastic interview which felt like the very opposite of Meghan and Harry’s very serious sit-down with Oprah Winfrey in March”.



Prince Harry’s ‘face and demeanor shows he is happier in the US’



According to a royal expert, Prince Harry is happier in the US.



Royal editor for the Daily Mail, Rebecca English, said the Prince’s “face and demeanor” show that he’s much happier in the US.



Speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast she said: “Just by the look on his face and his demeanour, he clearly is a lot happier in the US.


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