Markle and Harry’s explosive interview with Oprah hurt the royal family’s reputation


Meghan Markle recently got called out by experts for her apology in the Court of Appeal following the Finding Freedom backlash.



Jeremy Vine caller Michael made this claim during a candid call-out against the Duchess where he admitted she’s “betrayed the public’s trust.”



“It’s consistent. She’s always been full of soundbites and the classic was when she first became involved with the Royal Family.”



He also added, “They ran a documentary about her life on TV and she made a speech, or a speech was broadcast that she’d made, where she was praising her father for all his support through her education.”



“Later on, they showed another speech where she was at some women’s organization, and therefore suited not to include her father, where she airbrushed the father out claiming she had to work to finance her education, which was a contradiction.”



He also went on to say, “They’re blind. Cristo was saying, by and large, the media initially were favorable and supportive of her.”



“That was basically true, and that was true of the public. And she betrayed the public’s trust in her. How can you forget you had significant phone calls, emails, meetings, discussions on such a serious topic?”



  1. The lies just roll of her tongue , she actually doesn’t know the difference between a truth and a lie , I don’t think the royal family has suffered at all , people can see right through her , the shallowness of her ,she’s a joke and the public despise her


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