Mark Henry Reveals Why The Rock Left WWE


The Rock is one of the most famous names to ever step foot in WWE, but according to a WWE Hall of Famer it nearly all didn’t happen for The People’s Champ.

Dwayne Johnson debuted in 1996 and has gone on to be one of the biggest stars ever produced by WWE, with his Hollywood status even superseding what he achieved between the ropes.

Rock’s journey famously didn’t get off to the best start though. Known as Rocky Maivia as a homage to his father Rocky Johnson and grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia, his chirpy white meat babyface was quickly rejected by the WWE fans and led to chants of ‘Rocky sucks’ and ‘Die, Rocky, die’.

It was a reaction shared by the man himself, with Rock openly frustrated with the character. So much so, that according to Mark Henry the future ten-time world champion almost quit.

Speaking on a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, Henry reveals Rock pushed so hard to move on from the gimmick it almost forced him out the company.

He fought that tooth and nail [to move away from his original gimmick]. It got to that point where he was like, ‘Man, I wish I could get to the quarterback because I will go back and play football.’ He hated it. He wanted to quit.
However, the former world champion and current AEW star went on to say that things changed once the Brahma Bull started playing around with the character and trying new things out. Remembering that Rock used to try out the material while the pair were on the roach together.

It got to the point where he finally said, ‘Hey, let me try some stuff,’ and when he started trying, he started trying it in the car.”
He was like, ‘Hey, Mark, what did you say your last name was?’ And I was like, ‘Fool, you know my last name, [imitates The Rock’s catchphrase] It doesn’t matter what your name is.
The Rock’s legacy is set to continue in WWE in the guise of his daughter who is now under the name Ava Raine and last weekend made her debut at a NXT house show.


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