Lewis Hamilton Breaks The Internet With Comeback Post And Gets One Over Max Verstappen

Hamilton's comeback post got millions of impressions

LEWIS HAMILTON finally posted on social media on Saturday for the first time since last year.

Lewis Hamilton fans are rejoicing after the Brit finally appeared to confirm that he would be returning to action with Mercedes ahead of the new season. There had been some suggestions that the 37-year-old could retire following the dramatic and heart-breaking end to last season in Abu Dhabi.

Max Verstappen pipped Hamilton to the post in hugely controversial circumstances to deny the Stevenage-born star a record-breaking eighth World Championship title.

Hamilton was said to be devastated in the wake of his defeat, and a number of high-profile figures questioned whether he would have the desire to return to the sport.

Indeed, Hamilton went totally silent on social media to add to the rumours, with his final post on Instagram coming on December 11.

That was until Saturday, when he finally sprung back to life with a picture of him at the Grand Canyon in the United States.

Lewis Hamilton has a fierce rivalry with Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton has a fierce rivalry with Max Verstappen

And he included the promising caption: “I’ve been gone. Now I’m back!”
The post saw a huge amount of engagement on social media, with a staggering 22 million impressions within the initial five hours of it going up.

F1 analyst Vicenzo Landino took to Twitter to demonstrate just how important Hamilton is to the sport.

He wrote: “The F1 official channel has seen only 2.5million impressions and far less engagement than Sir Lewis. Lewis is seeing a 4.64% follower engagement rate and the F1 channel is seeing a 0.46% engagement rate.”
And just to make it all the more sweet for Hamilton, he has smashed Red Bull’s post from December which celebrated his rival Verstappen’s victory.

That post has currently got around 58.7k likes and 20.8k retweets.

Hamilton’s comeback one, meanwhile, is on a remarkable 426k likes and 78k retweets.

All eyes will now turn towards a mouthwatering new F1 season with Hamilton and Verstappen set to do battle again.

Lewis Hamilton has stopped using social media
Hamilton’s comeback post got millions of impressions

It all gets underway on March 20 in Bahrain.

And it will finish at the site of that infamous race from last season, with the final race set again for Abu Dhabi on November 20.


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