Kirstie Allsopp Hits Back At Piers Morgan Calls Him “Repulsive Bully” Over His Comments


Kirstie Allsopp has lashed out at Piers Morgan over his controversial comments, branding him “repulsive bully”.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Location, Location, Location presenter Kirstie clapped back at Morgan after the journalist described her comments about wannabe first-time house buyers as “stupid” and “woefully privileged”.

She was called out for comments she made in the Sunday Times that she bought her first home at the age of 21, with the help of her family by saving on luxuries, saying young people need to give up their subscription lifestyle if they want to get on the property ladder.

Former Good Morning presenter slammed the property expert and craft-lover in his tweet: “Every time Kirstie Allsopp trends, I check why and see she’s said another unbelievably stupid, ludicrously ill-informed and woefully privileged thing. Then I wait for her to respond to the entirely justified outrage by throwing her toys out of the pram & quitting Twitter again.”


In response, Kirstie tweeted out a number of statements claiming her words had been misconstrued and took the opportunity to defend herself against Piers in view of her 425, 900 followers.

“Piers Morgan is a repulsive bully who would attach himself to any passing bandwagon,” she wrote.

Kirstie, 50, has already received plenty of backlash following her claims that young people would be able to afford to buy houses if they “moved somewhere cheaper” and “gave up Netflix and the gym”.


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