Kensington Palace did awful lot of leaking’ on Harry and Meghan.


Prince William and Kate’s royal household, Kensington Palace, has been alleged to have been behind “an awful lot of leaking” concerning the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.



Royal expert Robert Jobson has told Australian news outlet Sunrise that briefings on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had particularly come from Kensington Palace.



The recently-aired BBC documentary The Princes and the Press contained allegations that royal households were briefing the press against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during their time in the Royal Family.



Sunrise host Natalie Barr asked Mr Jobson whether it was true that some of the royal households had been leaking about Megan and Harry.



Mr Jobson replied: “Without a doubt, I mean, yeah, absolutely, I mean, they can deny all they like until they are blue in the face nut there’s been an awful lot of leaking from…particularly from Kensington Palace about how things were developing.”



The royal households have reacted angrily to the new BBC documentary, with Buckingham Palace reported to be “indignant.”BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell has reported anger within the Royal Family over the new BBC documentary which examines the relationship between the royals and the UK press.



Mr Witchell said there was “irritation” at the BBC documentary, which first aired on Monday night, in a number of royal households.



He told BBC News there was “irritation in the royal households.” Though the royal correspondent pinpointed Prince William as having been left feeling “very raw.”Mr Witchell:



“Especially on the part of Prince William, we must remember that he still feels really quite aggrieved at the BBC over the panorama interview with his mother, the BBC of course roundly condemned in the Dyson report.



“These feelings are very raw, and they have been exacerbated by these two programmes that Princes and the Press.” “The Palace is indignant,” added the royal correspondent.



“They are angry that quote, ‘overblown and unfounded claims from unnamed sources are presented as facts’.


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