Katheryn winnick revealed her character puts him to bed on the couch – find out


Actress Katheryn Winnick is best known for her TV roles on Vikings and the new David E. Kelley series Big Sky. You can see more of her on the big screen in the new action film The Marksman starring Liam Neeson.



In The Marksman, Neeson plays an Arizona farmer who tries to protect a young boy who just crawled under a fence at the border and barely escaped from a dangerous cartel.



While the farmer’s intentions are good, he breaks the law several times to protect the kid, which means he’s also defying his stepdaughter Sarah (Winnick) who’s a border patrol officer.



When asked what drew her to the role, Winnick said: “Liam Neeson… Just to get a chance to share the screen with him was my biggest attraction.



” She also said her favorite scene with Neeson is the bar scene and when her character puts him to bed on the couch. “A lot of it was improvised,” says Winnick.


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