Kate , Williams received special gift from queen which harry and maghan has always begged for – find out


Traditionally, the story has gone that marrying into the royal family translates to a life of hearing a lot of ‘yes’ – yes to tiaras, yes to hot and cold running footmen and yes to zipping off to Mustique whenever the mercury plummeted or one of these pesky German relatives wants to visit.



However, if there is one thing that the experience of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has taught us is that tying the knot with a prince can come with a lot of ‘no’.



In fact, reportedly, the Suits star-turned-HRH reportedly heard that little, two-letter word with serious frequency during her scant 20 months behind palace gates.



There was the ‘no’ to her original tiara of choice (allegedly), the ‘no’ to her request to use air fresheners inside St George’s Chapel for the wedding, and ‘no’ to her and husband Prince Harry setting up their own court.



But, this week there is another particular ‘no’ that we need to talk about: Their request, long before Megxit entered the mainstream lexicon, to live at Windsor Castle with the Queen.



Because while Her Majesty might have “firmly” turned down the couple’s petition to take up residence in the 1000-year-old pile several years ago, now it turns out she is reported to be ‘discussing’ the exact same thing with William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.



When Harry and Meghan wed, in 2018, it was believed they would be moving out of the tinky Nottingham Cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace, where they had been living, and into one of the palace’s massive private apartments.



Instead, in November, 2018 it was announced they would instead live in Frogmore Cottage, a property on the Windsor estate.



It later emerged that this had not been the couple’s first choice and that in fact they had originally asked his grandmother if they could live in Windsor Castle.



In August 2019 the Times broke the news that Harry and Meghan “initially had higher hopes” than Frogmore Cottage.


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